My credit card statement shows SWP*PCShld9258923044. Do I need to worry about it?

It is nothing to panic or get worried about, if your credit card bill shows an entry for SWP*PCShld9258923044. The entry in the credit card statement signifies that PC Shield Antivirus software has been purchased from its official website, pcshieldav.com. The statement, along with SWP*PCShld9258923044, holds a record of other details related to the purchase, like the date and the amount of purchase.

What does SWP*PCShld9258923044 stand for?

SWP*PCShld9258923044 can be segregated as follows:

  • SWP: It is the name of the payment gateway. It stands for Secure Web Payments
  • PCShld: It is the name of the product, i.e. PCShield Antivirus
  • 9258923044: It is the contact number of Product head office. In case of any queries, you can contact on the number.


Sometimes you may come across SWP*PCShld9258923044 in your credit card statement. It relates to the payment for the product PC Shield Antivirus, which has been carried out via Securewebpayments.

Processing Payment via SWP

PC Shield Antivirus program provides complete protection to your PC from viruses, trojans and spyware. The antivirus has been built to monitor, block, alert and guard the system against any foreign threat.

The official website can be used to buy the software. Once you click on the 'Buy Now' button, you will be redirected to the official page of SWP. This will be followed by a registration process, where you provide necessary details. Thereafter, you will be asked to enter the credit card credentials to proceed with the payment process.

After the payment has been received, a confirmation mail will be generated and sent to your registered mail ID. The mail will include the bill of the recent purchase, detailing about the date of purchase and the billing amount.

In addition to SWP, PCShield supports BLS, PayPal and Credit Card Billing options. You can carry forward your payment process using these payment methods and process your online credit card transaction.

What is SWP Gateway?

SWP or SecureWebPayments is a payment processor used around the globe for a safe and secure online credit card transaction. SWP payment gateway integrated with the official website of PC Shield facilitates you with an easy and advanced payment method to purchase the antivirus. The credit card information provided by the users is secretly saved in order to avoid it from being misused.

Strict and mandatory standards are adopted by SWP to ensure the easiness and safety of the customer. SWP supports multiple currencies and languages, in addition to processing payments made using credit cards of varied companies.

SWP PC Shield

What is this SWP*PC Shield on my credit card statement?

Secure Web Payment (SWP) is a globally accepted and known payment method followed for a smooth and guarded online credit card payment. These both are two different things, as in SWP is a payment method whereas PC Shield is a product.

The Credit card information fed by the users is kept in a secretive manner to refrain it from being misused. Being one of the most safest payment portal, it is used by varied users across the globe. PC Shield AV can be considered as one of the best available softwares in the market to help prevent systems from the threat of viruses, spyware, trojans etc.

SWP PC Shield

In order to help secure your system information from being stolen or misused, download the PC Shield AV software. The software can be ordered or purchased online through the official website. In order to ensure that the user is aided with a safe and secure online payment method, Secure Web Payment or SWP has been integrated for protected online credit card transactions.

To further ensure the user regarding the safety and security of the payment gateway, SecureWebPayments carries the guarantee earned from VeriSign™ Extended Validation and TRUSTe™ Privacy Certification. It follows vigorously the 3rd party standards set by these certifications.

Consider the below mentioned key characteristics of SecureWebPayments :

  • It assists the users in attaining a convenient way to buy products online through online credit card billing.
  • A user is entitled to various packages to choose from.
  • Varied company credit cards can be used in SWP to pay online.
  • A confirmatory email is generated and sent to registered email id of the user soon after the payment is done and order is complete.
  • 24-hour customer service support is offered by SWP. The user can either visit their official website and send through a query or they can directly send a mail to their support team at support@securewebpayments.com
  • For the ease of the user, the service aids them with simple refund terms. A user gets entitled to their refund 15 days after a claim has been lodged.
  • Different currencies and languages are supported by this payment method, SWP.

BLS PC Shield

What is this BLS*PC Shield on my credit card statement?

BLS or BlueSnap is a payment processor integrated for the safe and secure online purchase of PC Shield AV product. This multi-country supporting payment gateway aids in processing online credit card transactions. The payment method supports credit cards rolled in the market by varied companies, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB etc. Thus, a user can purchase PC Shield AV online and add the charge to their credit card bill.

PC Shield AV has turned out to be an effective software program assisting the user in preventing their system to be affected by virus, spyware, trojans etc. A system needs a program that can shield or safeguard its information from being stolen, PC Shield AV is the best solution for such system concerns. The software can be downloaded from the official website. BLS has been chosen as the secure payment method by the official website which sells PC Shield AV. Although, the gateway processes credit card transactions for the purchase, it has no direct involvement with the website. However, the payment gateway creates an interlinking between the merchant, user, product and the involved credit card billing bank.

BlueSnap helps create an anti-fraud, anti-identity theft, safe and secure environment for the user. It follows strict protective measures to ensure that the credit card details fed by the user are not copied or misused. The data fed is converted to a token form, as a result of which the data form becomes insensitive. Nevertheless, it works with Kount, a well-known name in the field of fraud prevention, to enhance the safety and security measures followed and assist the user with the best hassle-free experience.

BlueSnap offers certain other key features to serve the users in a better and effective manner. The payment gateway supports varied currencies, languages, type of payment and countries. The credit card transactions are easy to carry out and manage.


This page also applies to following credit card statement charge information:

BLS PC Shield on your credit card statement means that the payment at the backend is processed via BlueSnap.